KE Fibertec AS

KE Fibertec AS was founded in 1996 and is by now the world's largest manufacturer of textile ducting. KE Fibertec AS develops, manufactures, and markets "Good indoor climate" or air distribution systems based on fibre technology. The principle is to create draught-free and uniform distribution of the ventilation air through our tailored textile ducts.

With the CradleVent® ventilation duct KE Fibertec is the first company in the Textile Based Ventilation business to present a sustainable Cradle to Cradle certified™ product. And this shall only be the beginning, with the implementation of the Cradle to Cradle® design concept KE Fibertec wants to increasingly integrate sustainability in the general company strategy.

The CradleVent® is a ventilation duct that can be used for air distribution in offices, schools, laboratories, and other buildings (for example the Lyceum Schravenlant school in Holland and Monash University in Australia). When the system is to be replaced, KE Fibertec will take it back for recycling and make sure that as much as possible of the product is recycled and used in a new production. By establishing a circular economy now KE Fibertec shows a way how we can meet the future shortage of raw materials.

The increasing demands in terms of sustainability and resource efficiency make it attractive for contractors and architects to use the well-documented CradleVent building component. CradleVent is KE Fibertec’s contribution to a future-proof and sustainable product for air distribution in the building sector.

Managing Director Carsten Jespersen sums up KE Fibertec’s commitment to the Cradle to Cradle® design concept:
It is very important for us that we can document the sustainability of our products which is why we have chosen the Cradle to Cradle system as this is the customer's guarantee that we keep what we promise.

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