Steinbeis Papier

As market leader in Europe for top quality recycled graphic paper from 100% recovered paper, Steinbeis is a pioneer for sustainability in the industry. The company operates one of the industry's most advanced production facilities for recycled paper, designed on ecological principles, and produces three different ranges: multi-purpose office paper, magazine paper for web offset printing, and high-speed inkjet paper for full-colour production printing.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver
Steinbeis is one of the few paper manufacturers to have been awarded Silver Cradle to Cradle CertificationTM, in addition to its Blue Angel and EU Ecolabel certification. The certification process involved an inspection of the entire recycling process – materials, processes and products – to ensure that the substances and materials used can be recycled and are harmless for the environment, that resources are recycled, and that water, energy and emissions are managed responsibly. In addition, it looked at restricting water cycles, at the efficiency of internal water treatment systems for process water, and at the fully biological final purification of the water used in the context of efficient, environmentally-friendly water management.

"As a company, this has underscored our commitment to conducting our business in a manner which produces as little waste as possible, and which is as close to nature as possible," says Dr Volker Gehr, head of the Steinbeis GmbH Research & Development department. "Because the Cradle to Cradle® concept covers products, processes and services – rather than just individual aspects – this independent institute sets a new benchmark, and is the ideal certification partner for Steinbeis. It clearly reaffirms the high quality standards at Steinbeis."

Paper producer with a long history
Every year, the company produces around 300,000 tonnes of recycled paper with Blue Angel certification. In the office paper range, customers can choose from 5 different varieties – from ISO 70 to ISO 100, and in five different pastel shades. All varieties are guaranteed manufactured without chemical additives or bleaching agents. Suppliers are also required to comply with strict guidelines regarding the positive assessment of any additives used. Paper and paper fibres are technical nutrients that can be reused almost endlessly for the production of new, high-quality paper. Primarily medium and lower qualities of locally procured recovered paper are used in their production.

Steinbeis is a paper producer with a long history. Established in 1911, the company made a transition in the 1970s from resource intensive, high-energy manufacture to sustainable production which focused on saving natural resources, the environment and the climate. Steinbeis achieves a top ecological footprint with its CO2, water, energy and wood savings.

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