C2C Quality Statement

The C2C Quality Statement (C2C QS) is an instrument for companies to inform their customers on environmental and health properties of their product in a positive, performance and progress oriented way. This transparent and scientifically valid tool is structured by the Cradle to Cradle® Design approach. The C2C QS promotes visibility of the manufacturer’s leadership and credibility regarding product safety and environmental benefits of its production, including water, energy and social aspects. It also considers productive after-use scenarios and announces planned performance increases. Therefore the C2C QS supports companies and products moving towards an improved environmental quality, which can be communicated in a structured way and provides the basis to implement objectives of a Circular Economy.

Valuable for various products and processes:

The development of a C2C Quality Statement can be applied to any type of product at any process level in the supply chain. Ideally it is created in the scope of an initial product optimization or development process structured by Cradle to Cradle® Design principles. It is especially valuable for


  • which aim to have high quality products in terms of use as well as environmental and health performance after use
  • which want to lead the way in terms of product safety and cyclability
  • which want to increase reputation and trust of customers by being transparent
  • to display progress and achievements within the product and process development
  • to communicate optimization objectives in the frame of their Cradle to Cradle® Roadmap


  • which require safe and specific after-use solutions
  • which soon could face legal regulations that will require a full material declaration
Transparent review process:

In contrast to other third party reviewed manufacturer declarations, the C2C Quality Statement addresses the environmental and human safety performance of a product in an integrated manner. It does not simply list the risks of hazardous chemicals used for the production, but evaluates them on the background of a defined scenario for safe use and after-use. A comparison of the C2C Quality Statement for products and other product declarations can be found here.

The C2C Quality Statement is co-developed with EPEA as third party applying a precautionary approach. It is structured as follows :

Customized communication:

The C2C Quality Statement can be applied on products and processes and for specified focus points. Its layout is developed to incorporate design specifications of the company. The Quality Statement process consists of three steps:

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