Circular Economy inspired by Cradle to Cradle

Developing a competitive advantage with optimized nutrient cycles

Powering the Circular Economy with a Cradle to Cradle® roadmap: EPEA establishes circularity roadmaps for companies, cities, communities and regions. Roadmaps are individualised by sectors of activity and describe where each goal and milestone fits into traditional, transitional and transformational activities.

The roadmap framework consists of:

  • Mission and strategic policies to support the mission
  • Objectives to fulfil the mission (objectives are qualitative)
  • Big wins to fulfil objectives
  • Goals and milestones for moving towards each objective
  • Quick wins & mid-term gains connected to selected objective

Developing competitive advantage on the path to a positive footprint

implementation of the Circular Economy takes place parallel at different levels: Chemicals, materials and products, manufacturing processes, services and complete systems. At EPEA we interact with companies at every stage of the value chain, offer unique know-how and a worldwide network of companies, which we support with our expertise in the development of circular business models, technical and economic feasibility assessment, project management, coordination of stakeholder partnerships, reverse logistics, materials pooling and Cradle to Cradle® certification. This competence as well helps cities, regions and communities, to activate and implement the potential of circular added value faster and easier.

The competitive advantages of the Circular Economy powered by Cradle to Cradle®:

  • Development of a positive footprint
  • Driving force for innovation and quality
  • Local added value
  • Increased security against market volatility
  • Higher brand value and customer loyalty
  • Creation of new jobs

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