Circularity Passports®

Nowadays downcycling is the common practice in material reuse. Products are often not designed for disassembly and value recovery. There is lack of information sharing specially about products’ composition, dismantling steps, and stakeholders involved in the take-back system. In order to improve information sharing, material reuse, value recovery, and also to enable new circular business models, a tool to drive stakeholder’s collaboration is required.

Circularity Passports® is a Cradle to Cradle® tool to scale-up the implementation of the circular economy. By closing the information gap along the supply chain and the lack of quality assurance, the Circularity Passports® prepares the way for products and projects towards circularity.

Circularity Passports® can be commissioned and used by a broad range of stakeholders: from product manufacturers, building/system owners and users, to disassembly companies, and material suppliers. Different levels of information allow a safe sharing of information along the supply chain.

EPEA has been working on the development of Materials Passports since 2012. In September 2015, EPEA started together with 16 partners the European project Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB) to boost the topic of reversibel buildings and Material Passports in the building industry. Circularity Passports®  are an important contribution for the project.

Circularity Passports® are made by EPEA in partnership with its customers, who work together to tailor-made the passports to fit the industry sector and to communicate specific goals and needs.

The city hall of Venlo (NL) is an example where Circularity Passports® for products are developed for the building. This supports the ambition of the municipality to maximize the residual value of the building and its products.

Instead of paying for recycling or demolition, develop new business models at the end of the use phase to recover value with the Circularity Passports®.

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