Material Health Statement

Especially valuable for construction products

We spend about 90% of our time indoors. It is correspondingly important to consider the influence that building materials with which we surround ourselves have on users of the building.

The Material Health Statement supports companies aiming at designing constructive elements that will enhance the human experience and allow us to live and work in spaces that promote health and well-being.

Transparency and material reporting is essentially a first step. In order to make significant changes, we need to go a step beyond mere inventory, screening and assessment. We need to optimize products for present and future uses.

The Material Health Statement supports a transparent documentation of a product development and optimization process. It promotes visibility of the manufacturer’s leadership and credibility regarding product safety and environmental benefits of his product. It is ideally created in the frame of an initial product optimization or development process structured by Cradle to Cradle® Design approach.

Comprehensive and transparent review process:

The Material Health Statement on a product is co-developed with EPEA as third party applying a precautionary approach during the assessment. It can be applied to products at any level in supply chains. It fulfils, in a streamlined manner, purposes of the C2C Quality Statement, the other product declaration format that EPEA is offering.

The Material Health Statement is designed to meet particular needs in the construction sector. It integrates especially the specifications for allocation of credit points to construction products in the LEED certification scheme (this can happen either with a Cradle to Cradle certification of the product or with a verified manufacturer inventory using the GreenScreen® List Translator™ classification for contained chemicals).

In contrast to other third party reviewed manufacturer declarations, the Material Health Statement addresses the environmental and human safety performance of a product in an integrated manner. It does not simply refer to intrinsic hazards of chemicals used for the production. It also renders an evaluation of the chemical composition of the product on the background of a defined scenario for safe use and after-use management. A comparison of the Material Health Statement with other product declaration formats can be found here.

Customized communication:

The layout of the Material Health Statement is developed with the customer to incorporate its own design specifications.

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