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Cradle to Cradle®-Workshops and Training by EPEA in Hamburg

As a scientific research and consultancy institute, EPEA has more than 25 years of experience working at the forefront of and driving industrial innovation and circular economy beyond sustainability. The foundation of our scientific work is the Cradle to Cradle design concept: we consult, support, and train companies and professionals to implement the Cradle to Cradle framework and optimization to their projects.

Structured into three consecutive models, our workshops and trainings provide an excellent starting point for our clients to get to know Cradle to Cradle, get inspired and explore potential project ideas. Our workshops and trainings can be tailored to your industry, business, expectations and levels of experience.

In the past, clients have seen great impact through our workshops, not only because of the innovation drive created through Cradle to Cradle itself, but also the unique opportunity to draw together staff from different departments and disciplines to facilitate the exchange of ideas. For more information please contact us at or download our flyer:


What is Cradle to Cradle? Why do we need a design concept, which adheres to the principle of no waste? How can Cradle to Cradle be initiated?

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What is the application of Cradle to Cradle in specific industries and businesses? What is the value added? Which possibilities and tools are available for professionals and companies? What are successful case studies of Cradle to Cradle in practice?

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MODULE 1 and MODULE 2 (1,5 day workshop) in Hamburg:



How does Cradle to Cradle add value to your business? How can the design concept be implemented in your organization? How can you initiate and manage your own Cradle to Cradle project?

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Cradle to Cradle®-Workshop for Architects & Designers

The workshop provides excellent in-depth insights about Cradle to Cradle® for you to get started with your own projects. In this program, the C2C philosophy, principles, and tools for practical application are presented. Guided by experts from EPEA, participants dive into sector-specific criteria and tools to experience how C2C contributes to a beneficial design. Language: English.

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